You can submit any number of results. The fastest run will be classified.

Cones height 40 cm or higher
Minimum cones hight 30 cm (lower ones are unacceptable)

Electronic automatic time measurement
Showing the time in one shot in the video of the ride

Hit or knock down cone  +1s
Take foot out of the peg and touch the ground  +1s
Low cones (less than 40cm)  +1s
Walking with foot on the ground  +3s
Start or finish ride with motorbike outside of gate  +3s
Put foot on the ground and turn around  +3s

Drive through the finish gate without stopping
Skip an item in the route
Video recording does not allow you to verify errors

Due to the current political situation, which is a consequence of Russias attack on Ukraine, the organizer has the right to refuse to participate in the competition for Russian competitors as a sign of protest.